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Campus Placement news in Reputed Colleges


This page describes the statistics of those students who got placed in top MNC IT companies by ON campus recruitment in the reputed engineering colleges. These statistics are useful for engineering students for getting updated information about companies visited in different colleges. Also the details like venue, date of campus recruitment, No of students placed are good to know, however it may not be so accurate. These details will be a motivation for upcoming graduate students for better career planning and get placed. This information is updated directly from the student contact and it is not official from any colleges or companies.Student Bazaar also provides In-Plant Training, Internship and Project.

S.NODateCollege NameCompany NameNo of Students PlacedPackage(Lakhs/Annum)Domain
127-Oct-15Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)NMS154IT/ECE
227-Oct-15Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)HSBC27ECE/IT
326-Oct-15Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)Embedur systems25All Branches
420-Oct-15Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)Infotrellis34ECE/IT
518-Oct-15Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)L&T54.5Mech
616-Oct-15Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)Latent view54.5All Branches
714-Oct-15Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)Verizon85.3ECE/IT
813-Oct-15Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)Dell87IT
913-Oct-15Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)Matrimony16All Branches
1012-Oct-15Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)Rotork108All Branches
1110-Oct-15Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)IBM1473.3IT
127-Oct-15Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)CTS5503.3IT
135-Oct-15Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)Infosys7923.2IT
145-Oct-15Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)RBS108.2Banking
153-Oct-15Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)TCS5373.3IT
162-Oct-15Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)Adobe420IT
171-Oct-15Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)Accenture3133.3IT
1830-Sep-15Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)Zoomrx24.9IT
1930-Sep-15Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)Citi Corp3015ECE/IT
2030-Sep-15Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)Gigamon812ECE/IT
2125-Sep-15Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)Ford65.5Mech/Ece/IT
2225-Sep-15Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)Hyundai75Mech
2322-Sep-15Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)Zoho 106All Branches
2418-Sep-15Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)Multicore wave55ECE
2518-Sep-15Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)qualcomm813ECE
2618-Sep-15Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)temenos105.5IT/ECE
2717-Sep-15Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)IVTL706All Branches
2817-Sep-15Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)sundaram clayton14Mech
2914-Sep-15Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)Tesco88IT
3010-Sep-15Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)Visa718IT
3110-Sep-15Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)Sigmoid 7 7 IT77IT
329-Sep-15Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)Chronus120IT?ECE
338-Sep-15Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)Samsung714ECE/IT
348-Sep-15Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)Trimble87IT
357-Sep-15Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)Airtel109ECE
365-Sep-15Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)nsi infinium107ECE/IT
373-Sep-15Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)acamai214IT
383-Sep-15Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)xome09.5IT
393-Sep-15Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)Sap labs28.5IT
402-Sep-15Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)Goldman Sachs 216Analytics
411-Sep-15Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)Acolite413IT/ECE
4231-Aug-15Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)Thorogood611All Branches
4328-Aug-15Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)Caterpillar615ECE/IT
4418-Aug-15Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)CISCO1014ECE/IT
4517-Aug-15Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)Amazon814IT
4616-Aug-15Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)inmobi511IT/ECE
4716-Aug-15Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)Groupon815IT
4814-Aug-15Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)flipkart615IT
4914-Aug-15Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)Endurance815All Branches
5013-Aug-15Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)Paypal520IT
5113-Aug-15Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)practo 020All Branches
5211-Aug-15 Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)Code Nation124IT
537-Aug-15 Anna Univ (CEG+MIT)Microsoft818IT
541-July-15NITTDE SHAW119IT
561-July-15NITTVisa 820IT
571-July-15NITTMicrosoft 218IT
591-July-15NITTFidelity Investments712IT
601-July-15NITTWalmart Labs218IT
6505-Jan-16Coimbatore Inst of TechCGI 14.2
6630-Dec-15 Coimbatore Inst of TechCODA GLOBAL17.5
6727-Jan-16Coimbatore Inst of TechCSS CORP43
6803-Sep-15Coimbatore Inst of TechL & T ECC35.5
6903-Aug-15Coimbatore Inst of TechLMW42.4
7028-Dec-15Coimbatore Inst of TechPHOENIX MARITIME 113
7105-Oct-15Coimbatore Inst of TechPLINTRON 63.5
7209-Jan-16Coimbatore Inst of TechRANE 34
7307-Nov-15Coimbatore Inst of TechSAINT GOBAIN15.8
7424-Dec-15Coimbatore Inst of TechSUTHERLAND 351.5
7517-Dec-15 Coimbatore Inst of TechVOLTAS13.8
7610-Sep-15Coimbatore Inst of TechACCENTURE283.5
7729-Aug-15Coimbatore Inst of TechAKAMAI C-CARE PROFILE 19.5
7817-Aug-15Coimbatore Inst of TechAKAMAI-ENGG PROFILE 113
7920-Oct-15Coimbatore Inst of TechASPIRE SYSTEMS14.5
8006-Jul-15Coimbatore Inst of TechCHARGE BEE 24.8
8122-Sep-15Coimbatore Inst of TechCLEARTRIP26.5
8221-Sep-15 Coimbatore Inst of TechCLOUD ASSERT73
8305-Oct-15Coimbatore Inst of TechD.E.SHAW AND ARCESIUM 115
847-Sep-15Coimbatore Inst of TechEXTERRO53.682
858-Sep-15Coimbatore Inst of TechHUAWEI 27.5
8625-Dec-15Coimbatore Inst of TechHYUNDAI26
8728-Aug-15Coimbatore Inst of TechIBM ISDL16.5
8821-Jul-15Coimbatore Inst of TechINDIX 26
8931-Aug-15Coimbatore Inst of TechINTELLECTYX 63
9024-Jun-15Coimbatore Inst of TechITTIAM 18.25
918-Sep-15Coimbatore Inst of TechJIVOX24.5
9222-Aug-15Coimbatore Inst of TechLATENT VIEW ANALYTICS44.5
9318-Aug-15Coimbatore Inst of TechMALLOW TECH 2 4.224.2
948-Jul-15Coimbatore Inst of TechMARKET SIMPLIFIED74
958-Aug-15Coimbatore Inst of TechMULTICOREWARE45
9615-Jun-15Coimbatore Inst of TechMUSIGMA44.5
974-Jul-15Coimbatore Inst of TechODESSA TECHNOLOGIES13.5
9824-Sep-15 Coimbatore Inst of TechONE GLOBE SYSTEMS 43.6
9926-Jul-15 Coimbatore Inst of TechORACLE SYSTEMS47.5
10020-Jul-15Coimbatore Inst of TechPAYODA14.5
1017-Oct-15Coimbatore Inst of TechPOLARIS14
1026-Aug-15Coimbatore Inst of TechROBERT BOSCH94
10313-Aug-15 Coimbatore Inst of TechSKAVA13.15
10410-Oct-15Coimbatore Inst of TechSOFTEON INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED13.25
1057-Jul-15 Coimbatore Inst of TechSOLITON TECH 35
1066-Sep-15Coimbatore Inst of TechSPCL 83.5
10726-Aug-15 Coimbatore Inst of TechTATA ELXI 443.625
10824-Sep-15Coimbatore Inst of TechTCS 3143.33
10914-Jul-15Coimbatore Inst of TechTHOROGOOD111
11024-Jul-15Coimbatore Inst of TechTHOUGHTWORKS 26.23
11111-Jun-15Coimbatore Inst of TechTOSHIBA 85
11227-Jul-15 Coimbatore Inst of TechUNISYS 76.2
11311-Nov-15 Coimbatore Inst of TechVEDANTA94.5
11422-Jul-15 Coimbatore Inst of TechZOHO35.5