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Projects for Mechanical

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Mechanical Projects 2017 by UNIQ Technologies

I.   Mechanical Based Automation (Light Motor Vehicle) And Mechatronic


  • Design and Fabrication of Smooth Chassis in Cantilever Suspension System
  • Performances increasing in mini car
  • Design and Fabrication of Quick Lifting Jack with Gear Arrangement.
  • Automatic seat belt with the help actuator
  • Design and Fabrication of 360-Degree Car Parking System.
  • Fuel efficiency improvement and knocking reduction system using four stroke petrol engines by water injection.


II. Mechanical Based Automobile

  • Performance of 50cc engine using different carburetor
  • Crank and shaft physically challenged vehicle
  • Automatic Side Stand Repossess System in Motorbike/Two Wheelers.
  • Design and fabrication of hand less drive in four wheelers for physically challenged peoples
  • Design and Fabrication of Electromagnetic Braking System in Automobile.
  • Design of innovation car model in automobile

III.   Mechanical Based Power Generation

  • Design and fabrication of Tri-power Generator in two Wheeler
  • Energy producing from solar parabolic with an application cooker.
  • Fabrication of hybrid power generation from the highway.
  • Design and fabrication of external flows on an entry of a hybrid wind catcher- wind turbine System.
  • Design and Fabrication of solar-based thermal desalination based on water purification System for Greenhouse Plantation

IV. Mechanical Based Machines And Process

  • Sweet crop harvesting machine
  • Multi-spindle drilling machine
  • Design and Fabrication of Gear Type Self-Centering Arm Gripper.
  • Design and Fabrication of JCB Using Link Mechanism.
  • Design and Fabrication of Double Side Power Hack Saw Machine Using Quick Return Mechanism.
  • Fabrication of Manual Lawn Mower Using Scotch Yoke Mechanism.

V. Mechanical Based Agriculture Process


  • Design and fabrication of automatic feeding and transport system using whit worth quick return mechanism
  • Pesticide sprayer with seed sowing mechanism
  • Design and Fabrication of solar auto tilting system with water pumping system used in an agriculture application.
  • Design and Fabrication of homemade wind turbine water pumping system for Four bar Link system.
  • Design and Fabrication solar-based heating and cooling system in food maintenance Process using Peltier module.
  • Design and fabrication of multipurpose agriculture machine

VI. Mechanical Based Thermal And Refrigeration

  1. Design and fabrication of bicycle-powered refrigerator
  2. Experimental fabrication on refrigeration in a car using IDC technologies
  3. Experimental study of Refrigeration system using co2 refrigerant
  4. Design and fabrication of steam jet refrigeration system
  5. Design and fabrication of super-efficient refrigerator
  6. Design and fabrication of thermoelectric refrigerator with thermosiphon system

VII.  Mechanical Based Pneumatic Application

  • Design and fabrication of pneumatic air vehicle
  • Thread mill bicycle
  • Design and fabrication of hand less drive in four wheelers for physically challenged peoples
  • Automatic hydraulic jack
  • Design and fabrication of bicycle-powered refrigerator
We UNIQ genuinely counsel all our final year project trainees to implement at a minimum of one full module in their project.You will experience an amusing environment with technical satisfaction from the start till the end of your project. It’s not alone a center which helps you with the projects but provide specialized training from the MNC employees which is our distinctiveness that can yield you the core knowledge about the Technology you choose.

UNIQ Technologies is one of the best project centers in Chennai, Coimbatore and Tirunelveli.


Successively,As UNIQ has been started by MNC employees they visibly tend to know the importance of students and their ideas while pursuing their final year projects. The ultimate route which keeps UNIQ at No.1 in the list is that, we at no time pack-and-move the project to the students but we make sure the student would follow with the hands-on experience on their project.
It’s not that Final year project should get out of the trail after completing the final viva, it must follow during their interviews he/she appears and so the only means to attain this, they must associate with the project. Among all the project centers you could find a solution for all your technical problems and implementation problem.

We offer final year projects for Mechanical Engineering students in countless platforms such as Matlab and more advanced technologies.

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