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Machine Learning IEEE Projects For Engineering Students

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IEEE Projects for Students

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Machine Learning Projects

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I. IEEE 2020 Based Machine Learning Projects

  1. Superior-tuning classified Boltzmann machines using quaternion’s and its application for spam detection.(IEEE 2020)
  2. An Interactive Framework for apparition of Weather Forecast Ensembles.(IEEE 2020)
  3. Improving forecast presentation Using Hierarchical Analysis of Real-Time Data: A Sepsis Case Study.(IEEE 2020)
  4. Separate Heartbeat finding in Multidimensional Mechanocardiograms.(IEEE 2020)
  5. Sorting and guess of heart disease risk using data mining techniques of Support Vector Machine.(IEEE 2020)
  6. Performance of a Web Application to Predict Diabetes Disease: An Approach Using Machine Learning Algorithm.(IEEE 2020)
  7. Progress profile banks clients conduct like credict limit and loans utilizing machine learning.(IEEE 2020)
  8. Harvest Yield Prediction Using Data Analytics with machine learning method.(IEEE 2020)
  9. Online free Shaming on Twitter: finding, investigation, and lessening.(IEEE 2020)

Deep Learning

  1. Analysis of leaf diseases analysis using opencv.(IEEE 2020)
  2. Email using online attendance management system using opencv.(IEEE 2020)
  3. Fire detection from real-time video using opencv.(IEEE 2020)
  4. Prediction of using covid face mask detection using alarm in opencv.(IEEE 2020)

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