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IEEE Projects For Civil Students

IEEE Projects for Students

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IEEE Projects For Civil Engineering Students

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  1. Experimental study on strength of concrete using crushed pebbles by replacement of fine aggregate.
  2. Investigations on durability characteristics of e-plastic waste incorporated concrete.
  3. An Experimental Investigation on Biomedical Waste Ash in Concrete.
  4. Investigation on Partial Replacement of Cement with Coir Fiber (CF) & Jute Fiber (JF) and with Addition of Admixture.
  5. Study on Strength Characteristics of High Strength Rice Husk Ash Concrete
  6. A Study of Neem Seed Husk Ash as Partial Replacement for Cement in Concrete.
  7. Partial replacement of aggregate with ceramic tile in concrete.
  8. An Experimental Investigation Physical and Mechanical properties of concrete with the Replacement of sand fine aggregate by Poly vinyl chloride and Waste Glass.
  9. Developing Concrete using Sea Shell as a Fine Aggregate.
  10. Replacement of cement by using Nano titanium dioxide and black carbon powder in high strength concrete.
  11. The effect of recycled aggregates on the accuracy of the maturity method on vibrated and self-compacting concretes.
  12. An experimental and numerical study of aluminium–concrete joints and composite beams.
  13. Design and fabrication of a new fiber-cement piezoelectric composite sensor for measurement of inner stress in concrete structures.
  14. Behavioral characteristics of hybrid girders according to type of steel– concrete connection.
  15. Experimental study on the shear strength of reinforced concrete beams cast with Lava lightweight aggregates.
  16. Evaluation of concrete barriers with novel shock absorbers subjected to impact loading.
  17. Elastic properties of self-compacting of concrete modified with Nano particles.
  18. Potential use of natural red mud as partial replacement with cement in concrete.
  19. Utilization of rice husk ash and foundry sand as partial replacement materials in fiber reinforced concrete.
  20. Experimental assessment of the casting position factor of reinforcing bars in high performance concretes (HPC, HPSCC).
  21. An Experimental investigation on strength characteristic of concrete with partial replacement of silica fume and metakaolin with cement on M-30 grade of concrete.
  22. A study on Nylon fiber reinforced concrete by partial replacement of cement with metakaolin.
  23. An Experimental investigation on concrete manufactured by partial replacement of M sand with waste foundry sand and polycarboxilate ether.

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