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Big Data IEEE Projects For Engineering Students

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IEEE Projects for Students

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BIG DATA Projects

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1. BIG DATA (Hadoop) Based DATA MINING (IEEE 2020)

1. Exploiting Graphic Features in Realistic Contents for Movie Endorsement. (IEEE 2020)
2. Deep collective clarifying for forecast of disease genest. (IEEE 2020)
3. A Dual Two-Phase Time-Sensitive Standardized Collective Ranking Model for Point of Interest Recommendationt. (IEEE 2020)
4. A Forecast Approach for Stock Market Unpredictability Based on Time Series Datat. (IEEE 2020)
5. Discovering Unpredictability within Ensembles of Decadal Weather Predictionst. (IEEE 2020)

2. BIG DATA (Hadoop) Based WEB MINING (IEEE 2020)

1. SentiDiff: Combining Textual Information and Sentiment Dissemination Forms for Twitter Sentiment Analysis. (IEEE 2020)
2. Spammer Recognition and Forged User Identification on Social Networks. (IEEE 2020)
3. Sentiment Lexicon Building with Hierarchical Supervision Topic Model. (IEEE 2020)
4. Enabling Consistent and Privacy-preserving Health care Services in Social Media Health Networks. (IEEE 2020)
5. Exploring the Schedulability of Interrupted Immediate Tasks in Virtualized Cloud Environment. (IEEE 2020)

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