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IOE & IOT IEEE Projects For Engineering Students

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IEEE Projects for Students

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IOE & IOT Projects


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1. IEEE 2019 Based IOE/IOT (IEEE 2019)

  1. AgriTalk: IoT for Precision Soil Farming of Turmeric Cultivation
  2. IoT-BBMS: Internet of Things-based Baby Monitoring System for Smart Cradle
  3. An efficient WSN based solution for border surveillance
  4. IoT Based Door Lock Surveillance System Using Cryptographic Algorithms
  5. A Patient-Specific Single Sensor IoT-Based Wearable Fall Prediction and Detection System
  6. New Security Mechanisms of High-Reliability IoT Communication Based on Radio Frequency Fingerprint
  7. On the Use of a Continuum Manipulator and a Bendable Medical Screw for Minimally Invasive Interventions in Orthopedic Surgery
  8. A Smart Device Using Low-cost Sensors to Detect Earthquakes
  9. Consumer Grade Brain Sensing for Emotion Recognition
  10. Infrared Based Multiple-Patient Monitoring in Indoor Optical Wireless Healthcare Systems
  11. Efficient Fire Detection for Uncertain Surveillance Environment
  12. An Automated System for Position Monitoring and Correction of Chord-Based Rail Corrugation Measuring Points
  13. A Smart Blood Bag Management System Using a Load-Integrated U-Shaped Near-Field RFID Antenna Array
  14. Smart Waste Collection Monitoring and Alert System via IoT
  15. Prototype of Home Monitoring Device Using Internet of Things and River Formation Dynamics based Multi-hop Routing Protocol (RFDHM)
  16. Deep Learning Based Video System for Accurate and Real-Time Parking Measurement
  17. Token-Based Lightweight Authentication to Secure IoT Networks
  18. Unsupervised Clustering-Based Short-Term Solar Forecasting
  19. HMO: Ordering RFID Tags with Static Devices in Mobile Environments
  20. Design and Implementation of Women Auspice System by Utilizing GPS and GSM


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