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Python IEEE Projects For Engineering Students

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IEEE Projects for Students

( Powered by UNIQ Technologies )

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Python Projects

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I.PYTHON based Django/Flask API

1. User Management System in Python by using Flask Framework.
2. A Comparative Study of Opinion Summarization Techniques.
3. Therapist chatbot for Medical assistance A Django/Flask framework
4. College chatbot for A complete digitization for sharing resources starting from course details to study materials for the enrolled students a web based solution using Flaskframework.
5. Education course: A complete solution for education institution to go online in current pandemic situation using Django/Flask framework.
6. Face recognition for student attendance management.
7. Heart disease prediction using ANN approaches a web application using Flask framework.
8. A Flask framework for disease risk prediction & CNN based recommendation system
9. Placement Prediction using Machine Learning techniques.
10. Flask framework for travel agency : A web application

II. PYTHON based Windows GUI Forms Based Application

1. Text to Speech Converter by using Google API in Python.
2. Complaint Management System by using Tkinter Framework in Python.
3. Contact Storing and Management System by using Database.
4. Set Alarm Clock by using Timestamp in Python.
5. Hotel Management System by using Python GUI.
6. Library Management System in GUI –Tkinter Framework in Python.
7. YouTube Downloader Project in Python GUI by using Tkinter Framework.
8. Generating QR-Code by using Python Language
9. ATM Simulations by using Tkinter Framework in Python.
10. Online Banking System by using Tkinter Framework in Python


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