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PHP IEEE Projects for Engineering Students

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IEEE Projects for Students

( Powered by UNIQ Technologies )

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PHP Projects

( Powered by UNIQ Technologies )

Php, as we all know is a server side scripting language executed on the server.Its known as php hypertext Preprocessor.Php is used like the html to create web pages and so but not embedded in an html program.Its a vast topic and very interesting to learn.Php developers are growing so much so that ,there are many opportunities for them.The designing industry wanted active php developers to enhance their website and products.Many awesomely created websites are done using phplanguage.The php language is very easy to learn and easy to execute.This can be executed on a wide variety of servers like WAMP,MAMP etc.All it takes is just a little interest in creativity and programing knowledge.Learn this open source language the right way to learn the nook and corner of the language. Therefore UNIQ offers internship on Phpalso.The students can benefit from it and do wonders over this field.The tutors over here are well adequate on teaching and help you with designing many projects and provide you support. Why wait to grab this opportunity?Enroll today and rock the field.!!!

Internship on PHP

How our intern works throughout their internship time span?

Interns are requested to convey their laptop to our working environment, who is not having laptop will be granted a separate system, so that interns can gain hands on developed know-how.

All the necessary programs will be established in the laptop before preceding the training.

Internship time span will be split up into two components:

Part 1: Hands on developed functional training:

On the first part, our employee will train you on sophisticated php technologies such as XAMPP servers, mailing concepts and MYSQL

Part 2: Real time project Implementation:

On the second part, interns will be assigned to do a real time project under the guidance of their supervisors.
After completing the task, the project supervisor will reconsider the interns’ technical skills and reconsider the new applied project.
exceptional award will be given to the spectacular performers.

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